Payment Security

Always look out for the small padlock icon and the text “https://” before the website address. This means that the website you are visiting has an up to date security certificate.

Clicking on the small padlock icon will generally provide a window with more information. Clicking further within the window will provide details about the security certificate; who it is issued by, and to whom; and when it will expire, etc.

Payment Security is the most vital part of any online business. It’s very important for our customers to know that their card details are secure.

Your credit card information is NEVER stored on our website. When you click a button to make a payment, you will be diverted to a secure Payments Gateway where you can enter your information and card details. This is where the card transaction takes place. When the transaction is complete you will be returned to our website.

The full card number, name and start and expiry dates are stored by the Payment Gateway and not on our website. Note also that the three digit CVC number (on the back of your card) is not stored ANYWHERE.

The Payment Gateway used by Centratec is ‘Stripe‘.