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IT Maintenance Services in Central Scotland

Glasow - Edinburgh - Stirling - Falkirk

We want to be Your IT Department by providing you with a Complete IT Maintenance Service.

If you are running a small business, you won’t have a dedicated IT Department, but you still need to be able to count on a professional and efficient IT service. We have dozens of small business customers who rely on us to keep their systems up and running.There are four basic components to our Site Maintenance:

  • Remote Diagnostics and Repairs
  • On-site Repairs Attendance
  • Data Backup Strategy
  • Preventative Maintenance Cycle

The last thing your business needs are long periods of downtime. A Site Maintenance Agreement with us will ensure that no matter what goes wrong, and no matter whose fault it is – it gets sorted – promptly and effectively, causing the absolute minimum of disruption to your business.

Advances in Internet speeds and security encryption now allow us to remedy many software issues immediately without visiting your premises. However, there will always be issues where only an on-site visit by a skilled engineer can solve your problem. Where we cannot solve a problem remotely we will attend in person, typically within two hours of your call, but never more than four hours.


We are more than happy to provide new Site Maintenance Agreements, even if your IT equipment and network infrastructure was provided by another company. So if you don’t have a Site Maintenance Agreement at all, or if you’re not getting the very best value and service from your existing IT support provider, please contact us.

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