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Network Infrastructure Installations and Upgrades

Centratec provide Network Installation Cables and Wireless Access for business users in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk and throughout Scotland.

We have decades of experience in network installation including ethernet cabling in single buildings, fibre optic linkages between buildings and multi-point wireless networks.

And once the infrastructure is in place: configuration of routers, hubs, wireless access points and the setting up of servers, workstations, printers and other network devices.

Recent advances in network technology and increased broadband speeds have enabled small businesses to do much more with their computer networks. Here are just a few of the possibilities:-

  • IP Based Telephones Systems
  • Cloud Based Storage and Backup
  • Video Calls and Conferencing
  • Access for Android Mobile Devices
  • Access for iPhones and iPads
  • Virtual Private Networks between Offices
  • VPN Extensions for ‘Home Based’ staff
  • Database File Sharing
Network Setup Network Installation

Diagram 1 shows a typical small business network installation which uses copper ethernet connections to provide both computer and telephone access points to every workstation. Copper ethernet infrastructure is ideally suited to premises where the farthest distance from one end to the other is less than 100 metres.

Diagram 2 shows a larger business network installation which uses optical fibre cables to distribute connections to ethernet hubs in different local areas. Optical fibre infrastructure is ideally suited to large premises where the farthest distance from one end to the other is in excess of 100 metres, or where the premises is spread across adjacent buildings.

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