Network Infrastructure and Different Network Configurations

Centratec have been installing network infrastructure and configuring server client networks and peer to peer networks for more than a decade.

If you would like to discuss all your options with regard to Network Infrastructure, Client / Server or Peer to Peer Networks and Cloud Based Server Systems, please contact us for some straightforward and impartial advice.

There are many ‘pros’, but also a few ‘cons’, associated with specific network types; that’s why it’s important that we understand how your business works. For example; do you have ‘hot seats’ or do your staff always work at their own workstations? Do you need a localised ‘Intranet’? Or do you use locally shared database systems? Are you restricted by Government or Local Authority stipulations about data storage?

Please visit the page links below for more details …

Network Infrastructure

Find out about installing or upgrading network infrastructure in your premises …

Client Server Networks

Find out about Server / Client Networks … Still the most commonly deployed business network model.

Cloud Based / Peer to Peer Networks

Find out about Peer to Peer Networks and how they are commonly used with Cloud Based Storage and Applications