Hi Leeann,

Hope all is well …

All work is now completed. Can meet up with you or Andy to collect cash (£1,850)

We have connected short patch cables from Patch Panels to Switches in both Suite 8 and Suite 16.

We have connected the Wifi Unit in Suite 8 to the patch panel in Suite 8 according to Raj’s instruction.

We have not connected the panels to each other via the cables running between the two suites. Raj will come to configure these for you.


Suite 16 Network Cabling     PAID (£1,000)
Suite 8 Network Cabling     £1,000
Suite 8 to Suite 16 Connections x 3     £350
Cabinet for Suite 8     £100
Mains and Ethernet Connections to Desks    £400

Total Outstanding = £1,850

Let me know if there’s anything else we can help you with.


Previous Quotation for Desk Connections and Power

This is to get cables installed below desks to get mains power and network connections from the wall outlets to the desks where operators are sitting.

6 x 6-way Mains Distribution Boards
32 x UK Mains Plugs
32 x Trailing Mains Sockets
120 metres 3 core mains cable
40 Ethernet Patch Cables (3m, 4m & 5m lengths)
Cable Ties and Cable Guides under desks as required

£400 Cash Agreed