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Cloud Based Peer to Peer Network

Are you ready for a Cloud Based IT System?

In recent times, more often than not, many small businesses are installing simple Peer to Peer networks within their business locale; often with just a Shared Network Storage Drive to keep all files centrally within the premises. In most small business circumstances this system works very well.

In addition, some companies setup a local Peer to Peer Network but use a remote internet server facility from Google or Microsoft to act as a Workgroup and Email Server. This works in the same way as above except that the Storage Drive is ‘Cloud’ based.

When these systems were first used, they were used in conjunction with cloud based Applications (Office 365 and Google Office), but for many users Internet speed (or lack of it) was a problem. So in recent times, Microsoft offer an Office 365 version which allows you to download and install the application programs on your local workstation so that only the file data travels via the Internet, with much increased speed and reliability.

A Typical Peer to Peer Cloud Based Network

The diagram (adjacent/below) shows a typical Peer to Peer local network with added local Data Storage and optional Cloud based Storage.

Even for companies who need to use database file sharing or (what used to be) a local intranet; this can all now be done using Cloud Based systems.

Ever increasing broadband speeds and the increasing availability of fibre based broadband is doing much to facilitate cloud based networks with cloud based storage and applications in common use.


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